Total Eclipse of the Heart

    The first question one encounters when mentioning the Twilight Saga (after the barrage of taunting and insults) is this: Team Edward or Team Jacob?! Personally, I have to say I'm both, I am totally Team Edward in the books, but very Team Jacob in the movies. Noooo, it's not because of Taylor Lautner's 8-pack (though it certainly doesn't hurt), it's because Edward is too brooding and angsty for me in the films, and Jacob has a charismatic quality, sense of humor, and playfulness about him that definitely doesn't show up in the books. While Lautner's acting skills are not, shall we say, 'Oscar-worthy', he does bring a great personality to the screen, and honestly, they shouldn't bother with shirts for him, they're totally unnecessary. (I can say this now that he is technically 'legal' :-P)

    Today's nails were much requested, and obviously had to be done. I had a few people request the very same thing... a Jacob vs. Edward manicure, so Libby P. Maria Clara, and Nikki, I hope you approve! :) (but please ignore the cuticles on my right hand- bowling and sewing are tearing them up!!)

    Team Edward:

    Team Jacob:

    I used American Apparel Hassid as a base on all nails but the ring finger on each hand, then applied Nubar Stronghold with Bundle Monster plate BM20. For the edward nails (left hand ring finger), I used topped Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud with one coat of Zoya Alluria. I shaded with a mix of Nubar Stronghold and Zoya Alluria, used a mix of American Apparel Hassid and A Beautiful Life Poison for the lips, a mixture of American Apparel Manila, Zoya Jancyn and MAC Showy for the eyes, and a mixture of MAC Showy and American Apparel Hassid for the brow. Topped off the entire face with CND Sugar Sparkle, because I live in Las Vegas, land of sun, so Edward would look like a damn disco ball. :-D For the Jacob nail, I used Zoya Flowie as a base, Zoya Dea to shade a little for the bicep, and American Apparel Hassid for the tattoo of the wolf pack members. (or at least the best I could do on such a small canvas!! :-P) Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat. :)

    Go Team everyone!!! :) (except Victoria...and Riley... and get the point.)

Just a pretty THANK YOU

    Thank you for reading me all these time, and that makes have people invite me to join good stuff and sends me good products for review to share with you guys and now.. I am trying so hard to express my gratitude and thankfulness AGAIN, becox..

    HTC PHONE!!!!!!!!






    If a free phone to you is nothing, you must be super rich or something. But anything that is given to me free and out of good intention, i get very thankful becox there is no reason why people would need to be nice to me or let me have good things and let me do things that'd make me happy, at their expense. I don't know, do you get what i mean?

    You guys are really really nice to follow my blog also =))

    But the ones that are not so nice, you can just look at my pretty pictures and feel it in your heart:


    Yeah it sure does. For you.

     After URBAN photoshoot..

    Just wanna show off my shocking-luminous pink nails =D

    If my hair colour is this, it'd be quite cool right?
    But too bad, i am not this fair in real life. So it probably won't match up.

    Totally photoshopped =D

    You know if i didn't get traumatised by the optical shop name Straits something (located at Toa Payoh, the last shop along the stretch where there's Koi, Bee Cheng Hiang, and 7-11) three years ago, i will wear cosmetic contacts every other day now!

    The girl was unprofessionally unkind, impatient, forcing and ugly.

    I had to get contact lens to fly as a stewardess that time, and anyway, i spent like 45 mins sitting in the shop just trying to put it in.

    OKAY, my boyfriend who was a witness then, and is sitting right beside me now, reading while i typed, said that actually the girl was patient, encouraging and professional. It was just me being very hum ji, cowardly and unwillingly to.. JUST BLOODY PEEL OPEN AND PUT IT IN!


    Okay, yeah. The girl got impatient only when i threw faces. Lol. HAHAHA.
    And she only became impatient like on the 40th minute. And my boyfriend is saying now that it is understandable, since i have been sitting there acting like a retard (face facing ceiling, eyes looking up, mouth open and fingers peeling eyes wider) for 39 minutes.

    Anyway, her giving me the wrong degree, IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL LOR!!!!
    I am a 50, 75. She gave me 100, 125 or something. SIAO man. Made me giddy for hours!

    I am right. She was in the wrong. Hahaha.
    I always make faces when i walk past that shop now.


    My smoothie series nail colour =D
    I mixed them myself you know.
    They were a lot darker and duller than this.

    This is what i wore for my birthday.
    $5 @ Bugis Village
    What what what. Birthday girl can be AA =D

    So happy! I didn't photoshop my face in this picture hor. I swear. Even thou i look puffy.
    Becox i want to show you guys....
    Prepare to puke now
    My Natural Beauty.
    Am i going to die?
    Cox good things never happen to me so often.
    It's like it gets a bit scary, things are so good, you don't know when they'd stop.

    Or maybe i just get excited and happy about things too easily.
    LOL. Yah i think that's the case lah.


    P/S: 可能是好人有好報, 傻人有傻福吧 =D

Everything Isn't Just Black & White

    ...but these are.:-D

    Today's nails are a geometric black & white pattern. I actually painted this on part of my dorm fridge in college! :) (that fridge currently keeps my beverages chilly in the garage!) :)

    I used Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud as a base, with American Apparel Hassid for the black. Topped it off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

    OK- I'm off to go wait in line to see Twilight: Eclipse. Yeah, that's right I'm a nerd. lol

    Go Team Undecided!!!

Busy Busy

    I did a photoshoot for the winners of the HTC celebration party pack one day ago (which is my birthday) and i did a shoot with Silver for URBAN (Gonna be out this Friday! So until it's out! Then i'd show you guys what i wore for the shoot okay! ^.^) today.

    I can't show you what i did for HTC as well! Until Sheeeeena sends me the pictures and until the new HTC phone is launch. Lol.

    And i might be doing a show! Online show, SO EXCITED!!!

    COOL OR WHAT?! It's like my life seem to be so packed now. Maybe god is finally starting to see what i could be put to use for, example:

    Taking care of my doggies
    Cleaning up the house
    Showering my sister's doggie
    Blogging to share joys and added to my "PORTFOLIO of WORTH" most recently -
    Maybe telling people where exactly to get the cheap and good fashion, all around Singapore!

    Talking about being a bit busy, i am doing up two adverts now. It means i am sort of still working. And yesterday was just my birthday. And i had to go for a photoshoot yesterday, so if today was supposed to be the day to compensate for my birthday yesterday, then it didn't happen becox today i had a photoshoot too. And tomorrow i have to shower the doggies, and THAT'S A BIG TIRING TASK, so then i am thinking when am i going to get that off-day for my birthday. You know, the day that you just TOTALLY do nothing. Lol. I love those days. But when i get plenty of things to do, i feel good. BUT THEN AGAIN, when i get busy, The BIGGEST PROBLEMS IN MY LIFE WILL SURFACE.

    1) Really don't want to shower
    2) Even if finally motivated to shower, i hope i don't have to shampoo my hair
    3) Always forgetting to or-pi-sai, which is one of the best enjoyment in my life

    Okay i am just going to end the grumblings here.

    Today i was asked and wonder, do you guys think i am shallow?


    It's really okay if you guys think i am shallow.
    Becox indeed, i chose this picture to be put up becox it looks like i got big boobs here.
    LOL. Got this at $7.50 or something. Bugis Village.

    I swear i didn't liquify much on my face except my nose.
    相信我吧!!! LOL.


    Just wanna show you this becox i love Tiffany so much!!!
    You know how i can prove it!!?? I look so fat in this picture i still post!
    Only becox Tiffany is ultra cute!!! ^.^

    My yandao gia =D

    Drago: Moma.. Your head very heavy!!!

    真不好意思! 上題說得多忙, 多忙..

    I am going to sleep now! So many pretty pictures to continue photoshopping tomorrow! A bit sian to keep seeing my own face but nevertheless, IT'S ALL PRETTY FACE~

    My life is thus, better than yours.



    NEAREST FUTURE EXCITEMENT, 2nd July HTC party!!! I am going to dressed up like a 19 year old school girl!!! *not guilty*


Remember to Eat Your 5 a Day!

    Taco Bell has lettuce, so that counts...right?

    I've had the idea for this manicure for a while now, I figured that since the recommended daily consumption of fruits & vegetables is 5, and I have 5 fingers on each hand, that it worked out perfectly. :) I, of course, don't eat vegetables... unless you're my mom that is reading this, which in that case, I eat 10 servings a day– probably more! :) (but only if Taco Bell lettuce counts...or ketchup on burgers?)

    I used:

    Thumb: Asparagus (this I actually DO eat, and really like)

    ULTA Banana Rum in the Sun as a base, with a mixture of CND Green Scene and ULTA Limelight for the stalks, and added American Apparel Hassid to that for the spear end, with small touches of straight CND Green Scene on top.

    Index: Carrots (again, I enjoy these, and used to gnaw on them all the time with my dad as a kid)

    CND Electric Orange as a base, then mixed with China Glaze Salsa for the shading, and Zoya Jancyn for the highlight. For the blue background, I used Zoya Robyn and for the carrot top, I used CND Green Scene.

    Middle: Green Apple (love these if they're Granny Smith)

    American Apparel Butter as a base, with a mix of that and ULTA Limelight for the inner core line, ULTA Limelight for the peel, MAC Showy for the seeds and stem, and CND Green Scene for the background.

    Ring: Red Pepper (key ingredient in Sunshine stirfry- which Jacquie will remember)

    Zoya Robyn for the background, China Glaze Salsa for the base color of the pepper, then mixed with Zoya Jancyn to highlight and American Apparel Hassid to shade. For the stem, I used CND Green Scene.

    Pinky: Corn (I miss fresh from the farm corn on the cob!!)

    American Apparel Manila as a base, then with Zoya Jancyn for shading next to the husk and between kernels, then a mix of American Apparel Manila and American Apparel Butter for the highlight on the kernels. For the husk, I used CND Green Scene, then mixed with American Apparel Butter for the husk highlights.

    Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

    Now that you've got your dose of fruits and vegetables for the day, you're free to eat something a bit tastier- like chocolate, or maybe steak.

Twigs & Berries

    :-D Sounds like a much more 'interesting' post than it probably will be. ;) Camping kicked my ass, I napped pretty much as soon as I stepped out of the shower after getting home today. I fulfilled my S'mores and toasted marshmallow craving (for now), with a 5 s'mores, and 7 toasted marshmallows (2 of which I ate with breakfast). :-D I also cooked 'tin foil' dinners, which I made by slicing potatoes, onions, chopping garlic, sliced smoked sausage, butter, salt, and pepper and putting it in a tin foil 'pouch' and placing them on the grate over the fire. I also cooked baked potatoes by wrapping them in tin foil an dputting them IN the fire for an hour- they were amazing.

    Today's nails are a simple design that kind of remind me of nature- twigs & berries to be specific. :-D

    I used MAC In the Buff as a base with Bundle Monster plate BM06 used to apply A Beautiful Life Poison. Topped it off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

    The potatoes right after they were out of the coals/fire:

    My potato! (butter, salt & pepper)

    And my latest iPhone case creation, thinking of selling them on etsy, thoughts? (it even has a pocket for credit cards!)

Happy 19th Birthday to Me!

    祝自己生日快樂 =))

    Hope that you guys will be able to share my joy!

    But you guys won't. Cox you're not invited to the HTC party.




I'll Have S'more!!

    Ooey, Gooey, Melty, Chocolatey, Sugary, crunchy goodness. Yes, this is one of the only reasons I go camping...for the s'mores. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love hanging around the campfire, and fishing when there is water, and all that jazz, but I really truly love s'mores, hot dogs, and baked potatoes cooked in the fire. Since I'm going camping tonight up on Mt. Charleston, I decided to do S'mores nails!!! :) A few years ago, I was introduced to the double chocolate method, go ahead, try it, it'll rock your world. I'm seriously so excited for roasted marshmallows, and how I painted it is how they're perfectly cooked... though if my mom were camping with us, they'd be flaming balls of charred sugar, never could understand why she likes them burnt. *gag*

    I used:

    Thumb & pinky: Graham crackers

    Some mix of MAC Showy, Zoya Dea, Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme, American Apparel Cotton and American Apparel Palm Springs.

    Index & Ring: Chocolate *drool*

    Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme as a base, with MAC Showy to shade, and Zoya Dea to highlight.

    Middle: toasted Marshmallowy goodness

    American Apparel Cotton as a base, with MAC Abalone Shell, American Apparel Palm Springs, Zoya Dea, MAC Showy, and OPI for Sephora What's a Tire Jack? Matte sponged on lightly in layers. I love how the tip edge looks like it was singed. :-P

    Topped the chocolate nails off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat, no top coat for the marshmallow nail, and for the graham cracker nails, I sponged on Essie Matte About You so it wouldn't give a smooth matte finish, but a rough one. :-D

    Ok, I'm off to head up the mountain!! :) Have a fun day/night!! :)

From this moment.. Life has begun..

    So everybody in my Facebook, Twitter and my readers know that i went on a yacht. And you want pictures of the yacht, and me.

    You wanit?
    Come geddit.

    HAHAHA. What what what, i talk damn cool now becox i've been on a yacht!

    Sup yo.. Yeah! Thats maman!

    Okay whatever. Here we go~~~ ^.^

    Oh wait wait wait. If the pictures are blur, don't blame me.
    Blame it on Carmen's $400 camera. HAHA.

    Jere: "HI~~~~~ I'm on a yacht~"

     The common area without Jere's face looks better. HAHA.
    Cosy and comfortable!

     We shouldn't be fascinated over a chio LCD TV when we are on a chio YACHT.
    Can KTV (latest song some more!!!) and watch DVD!!!
    God, bring me back there! I will sing for you for the rest of my life.
    Haha. Sounds like a bad deal for any god.

    We thought the TV with KTV system and the beautiful yacht was the highlight of the yacht already.
    Then we found a bed!!! With TV that you can't see in this picture.
    With wardrobe, and bathroom!!! There're two of this single bedroom!

    Me and Carrie, posing in front of her future home.
    She promise to invite everyone to her yacht over the weekends next time.
     Yeah.. Now you know why we clique.
    VERY DELUSIONAL and full of hope for life.

     I hope Sentosa Cove property prices didn't plunge too badly that evening. LOL.
    I swear we were running around and screaming. LOL.


    Hmm.. You guys don't have very good impression for Jere..
    And i can understand why. HAHA.

    So theme of the mini party is Ribbons and Bows! Simply becox everyone that comes invited, is like a gift to me in this life! 你們最珍貴~ Although i don't have 紅色枚瑰~

    Left - Right
    Daddy, Bro-in-Law, nephew Casper, NiaoNiao in magician hat, me with scarf screaming and Carrie who seems to love my scream, she look so happy. HAHA.

     OH AM GEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! (Yong Ming thought me this)
    Two of this some more!!!! So it's like 2 single bedroom, and 2 double bedroom on the yacht!

    When i saw this i was like
    "Oh hi~ You guys having fun? Oh no.. Don't worry.. We got a yacht here. You guys go ahead."
    Must suck to be them. I mean just for that one day. LOL.

    Today i 打回原形 gotta do dirty laundry and then when i hang out my clothings, it started raining. So i gotta bring it back in. And out, and in. MUST SUCK TO BE ME TODAY!

    我很 art hor? =D

    I fit so nicely in this picture, on this yacht, at sea, i should forever lead this kind of life!

    You know when i was in secondary school, like 13 or so, i came across this book on karma, reincarnation and previous/ next life cycle. And the first thought that came to me was, "Ooh.. I feel like i was a mermaid" Not kidding. I didn't even know if mermaids were a myth or an extinct species then, i even told my dad that i must be a mermaid my last few lives.

    Oh, you are not interested? Okay i geddit, i geddit. That's maman, yo.
    Not keen in good-O' times.
    Yeah orite orite. Lets movit man.
    *surf two LOVE handsigns down and down, over and over again*

     Surrounded by angels in my life
    I am one myself too =D

    Niao niao 臉很醜 but 景色還是很美! ^.^

    Yong Ming went "Oh no.."
    Becox he knows he sure kena scold for standing behind me and spoil my picture!!!

    Pretty girlies come together~

    You would think i will caption this picture as
    No, i was actually saying in the real time when this picture was taken,
    "Wow.. Hi~ You guys having fun at the beach? Don't worry, we're on a yacht. You guys can carry on"

    How is all this ever gonna happen if it didn't start from GOOD FOOD?!
    Catered by Orange Clove!!!

    BBQ chicken wings, Chipolita sausages in onion sauce, Seafood fried rice, Spring Rolls, Yutiao, Mexican VegWrap, Foccacia pizzabites, Mushroom souffles
    Mini cheesecakes and fruit platter all kept in the fridge =D

    THANK YOU!!!
    And made so many people sing
    "From this moment.. Life has begun.." for days!!! ^.^

    Then the sky darken but our yacht lit up!!! ^.^

    Everyone's waiting for something..
    So we just hang around and pass time till the yacht reaches that spot!

    Left - Right
    Carlynn, Shirley, Carrie, Jeremiah and..

    Jeremiah and his bf, Yong Ming.

    Pictures of us playing a fool =D

    My $2 scarf from Daiso really serve her time well. Hehe..

    Carrie's avant-garde shot. With freaky 3rd arm at the back. Hehe..

    My turn~

    Niao Niao and Carmen really look alike.

    See this.
    YES. Left - Right
    Michael Jackson and 鳳飛飛 tag team. Haha..

    STILL WAITING FOR something..
    So let's get the KTV started~!!!
    " 讓我聽到你們~~~~ C'MON!"

    NiaoNiao thinking.. "Die.. My sister ki dang liao.."

    Carmen at the extreme right trying to use ribbon to create more mood.
    *loud Dehhh* Not working~ LOL.

    很陶醉. Haha..

    Act sexy..

    THEN something finally happen!!!

    Fireworks!!! FOR ME!!!

    Hahaha.. Okay lah, you guys are not that stupid.
    It was fireworks. But not for me alone. LOL.
     But damn cool right?! We could watch it at the sea! =DDD

    Fireworks wasn't for me alone, but this is..

    SPECIALLY MINE! Hehehe ^.^
    Yummy black forest cake from Orange Clove!

    Hate it right.. When some people like to share YOUR moment.
    Can't i just have ONE shot with MY cake?! Lol..

     After the cake, we continue dancing and singing

    Am i not an angel or mermaid or fairy or something that sort?
    When there's a glow right on top of me.
    I must be someone special =D

    So that wraps up the ride! Nobody wants to go home! Other than i miss Drago and Tiffany, CLE and 3rd miss ChipChip, NiaoNiao miss MooMoo while the C.Cs miss Annuva, other than that, nobody can find a good reason to leave!!!

    And i am a grown up now! Don't believe see my pressie this year. All these is beside Ang Pows lah.

    MAC makeup from YongMing, eyeliner, mascara and makeup remover.
    He had to be traumatised by the staff quite a fair bit before he could get me this.
    Royce chocolate and Hershey's from C.Cs!

    From Yong Ming

    AND THIS!!!
    SWEET OR NOT?!?!
    Happy 19th Birthday!!!

     My dog got bling bling collar one you know.

    Sweet not!!!!!!! SO SWEET LOR!!!
    C.Cs say if i ever can get them on a cruise, they will make me a bigger board.
    So that i can keep track of all the photoshoot, interviews, events and advertisement i have to attend!
    LOL!!! I think they think too much!


    I swear i thought she bought me the whole series of the drama! I was happy!
    Becox i love that series!

    But It's THIS!!! I AM HAPPYYYY!
    Ahem.. Excuse me, you smell bad. Don't come near me.
    I smell like Carrie Bradshaw. Thanks.
     My neighbour gonna be very happy too!
    Cox when i shower, they can smell how good i smell too!

    Imma grown up, yo.
    Don't ever give me bo liao teddy bear, cups, mugs or any of such.
    If you do, i'm still gonna accept =)) Yes, yes, yes, becox i am nice!
    But you will never be invited again =D

    我好像真的長大了!!! 怎麼辦?!
    Happy forever 19th Birthday to me! And thanks to all the ones who helped to make this blog interesting by sending me invites and products to review on! Thank you!

    Thanks you all who reads in here!
     I love to blog, you love to read, we're a match! =D


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