Ad: Hey, YOU-TH!

    Hey yo~ Wassap yo~ How ya doin' dooood!

    Okay i'm totally trying too hard to be young and cool. Let's do this again.

    Hello!!! =DDD What's cooking, man?!

    Shoots. Still kinda trying. Lol. I shall just be me!!!

    How many of you reading this IS young?

    Everyone please raise your hands. Cox to me, I AM YOUNG (sorta).

    And you read me, means YOU ARE YOUNG or young at heart!!! =DDD

    Props to us youngsters! Hahaha ^.^

    No matter what age you are, i'm sure you have PASSION to do certain things you've always wanted to do. Or even better, PASSION in something you've been doing all this while!

    What is that something for you?! Instrumental music? Singing? Dancing? Acting? Cosplay? Photography? In which way do you express WHO YOU ARE?

    Mine is writing........... self-obsessively. Lol.

    And if you have the passion to try and to express yourself in any of the channels, you have to know about SHINE Youth Festival!

    Initiated in 2005, SHINE Youth Festival is a platform for youths between the age of 15 and 35 to indulge in their passion. HELLO EXCUSE ME, i still consider middle-youth please~ Hahaha ^.^

    The idea behind this festival is to celebrate youths’ creativity and dynamism, pumping ALL the energy youths have into ONE festival, making the SHINE Youth Festival an ideal stage to demonstrate your energy to thousands and thousands of people! Let your talents and skills SHINE through yo! =D

    AND WHEN IS THIS HAPPENING?! Of course in Youth Month!!! Which is JULY!!! Are you ready for the line-up of exciting features and activities SHINE Youth Festival have in store for you?!

    Organised by the National Youth Council and powered by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, will run over 4 weeks from the first week of July. FOUR GOOD WEEKS of overwhelming ENERGY! Can you take it or not?!

    The opening of SHINE Youth Festival on 2 July will kick off at *SCAPE with a SHINE concert showcasing Jack and Rai, JuzB, Tay Kewei and an anchor act..

    By Derrick Hoh!
    "Play Music/Warner Music Singapore Artiste"


    Tay Ke Wei!

    Not the most interested in music? DON'T WORRY! There’s something for everyone!

    Some of the things you may expect on the 2nd of July!

    - Street showcases and dance
    - Orchard Road parade by youth cosplayer 
    - Get dressed up in one of the 400 over cool costumes on site!!!
    - Talent Showcase
    - Pillow fight competition
    - Workshops for DJ Turntablism/ Magic/ Percussion/ Beatboxing

    Act fast to sign up for the workshops that day!

    Or better, SIGN UP ONLINE NOW!

    Link for Pillow fight

    Link for DJ Turntablism by DJ KoFlow

    There will also be more than 100 Flea Stores waiting for you to shop like it's the BEST passion and talent you ever have!

    As the festival features four main interests of Arts and Culture, Community, Environment and Sports, this year, SHINE continues to challenge youths to take action, with its shout-out, Enough Talk, Just Do!

    I too have my own experience with DANCING OKAY!!! Hahaha! Yeah! You'd think i whole day stay in at home, and have no experience with cool, youngster stuff right! You'd be surprised!

    ME DANCING!!!!!! At home.. To kinect.. Dance revolution game. Hahaha! Eh eh eh, it's all the hippest song okay!

    My sister dancing to something that goes "Uh huh uh huh huh~ Push it push it~" LOL.

    Yong Ming dancing to some hip hop song, no shit. LOL.

    So i actually do REALLY love dancing. Like if i go KTV with my close friends, i'd dance so madly, their entertainment won't be KTV anymore, it'd be watching me dance. LOL #noshame

    My encounter with dancing was during the TV programme U Are The One =.= Haha. I look VERY BAD back then but!!! I picked up Argentine Tango please!!! It was totally worth it.

     Super lots of expressive moves.. Like.. Raising my hands.. Hahah! What the heck, i still dare to laugh at girls posing with their armpits airing. Lol.

    See my professional split. HAHA.

    Dancing really does make one more expressive i think!

    No matter what genre of music you groove to or what kind of dance moves you pick up, DANCING, on its own, is super expressive! Like better then just tapping your feet, snapping fingers and clapping to the beat, right? =DD

    Err.. This is just to show off my legs. Lol.

    "Oh~ I'm falling (beautifully)~"

    One flip and up i stand. Amazing how our body movement work when we dance!

    Okay dance ended. Haha. Are you impressed by me yet?

    Feeling the energy and passion?! Remember o keep a look out for what the National Youth Council have in store for you this July!

    Alright i'm leaving you here. Oh, wait. One more thing for US, YOUNGSTERS, Facebook game!!! =D It's the Power 2 Shine game.

    You'd have to overcome obstacles and eliminate zombie-like characters while you collect the orbs. Remember to watch your speed thou! The top 2 gamers who can carry out the entire task in the fastest times will stand to win an iPad2. If you don't win the iPad2 also don't be sad lah, got many other prizes to be won.

    Check out the prizes here and play it to see for yourself to see how fun it really is! Go to to check it out 

    For more information on activities SHINE holds for you and i, visit

    Now get ready for the 2nd of July already!

Opening the Nail Files...

    This past friday, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the vivacious star of the new TV Guide Channel series 'Nail Files', Katie Cazorla!  She was here in Las Vegas with her mobile manicure truck, which was spreading nail polished tips across the nation! I have to say, she is a total doll. She is every bit as silly and bubbly as she comes across on the show, she's hilarious, fabulous, and as I described her, a total firecracker. Below you'll get to read our conversation, and see a little bit of what she's like!

    In honor of meeting Ms. Nail Files herself, I knew I HAD to do special nail art for the occasion. I wish I had her reaction, because it was awesome. It completely made my day to see how stoked she was about the manicure (especially the Katie nail!!). :) I love it!

    One sad thing about this manicure is that, while at work that night, I fell and broke THREE nails on my left hand (including the Katie nail!!) :( I was SO bummed, but glad that Katie got to see it before it was ruined.

    Watch Katie and her crew Tuesday nights at 10/9c on the TV Guide channel! Check your local listings, or set your DVR! You won't want to miss it! (especially Episodes 3 & 5 according to Katie!)

    TDN: You’re from a small town in New York, what made you move to the West Coast?

    KC: Ok, so I love that question actually. I went to college for a couple years and found out that it wasn’t really my thing, and throughout college I was telling jokes at little bars, and always making my friends laugh and an agent saw me and was like “You’re funny, you should be a comic.” So she took me to LA, I ended up having a blast, and stayed. Um, unfortunately, I had no place to live, so I was kind of like one of those people that live out of my car for a couple of months until I found a place, and I was doing stand-up comedy for almost 10 years. After the 10th year, I was like ‘This is ridiculous, I need to get a life, I’m almost 30, I am gonna be eating Top Ramen until I’m 50 years old, so I had this crazy premonition and dream about my business and I drew it out and decided to really go for it.

    Free mini-manicures on the Nail Files truck!
    TDN: I also am from the other side of the country, from Michigan, and made the move to the west. Did you know anybody?

    KC: No, I actually did not know anybody at all.

    TDN: Was it terrifying for you?

    KC: You know, not really, because i was 20, and I think I was kind of stupid, and thought it was going to be so much easier than it really was. So I was kind of, I guess I would like to say naive to the way LA works, and how you think you’re just going to go out there and make it, because it’s not like that. You don’t just move out there, I mean, one in a gazillion chance of that ever happening, and less of a chance for someone to move out there like ‘I’m going to get my own show, and I’m a nobody’, but it’s kind of like that’s what happened.

    TDN: I have to comment on Jessica, I have no idea how you didn’t punch her.

    KC: Oh my God, everyone is saying that , I think its just that Jessica is nice. The problem is is Jessica did everything wrong from what I really wanted, and I had to pay for all of that stuff. So, unfortunately, I wasn’t happy, and it was probably pretty apparent by my crying. But everyone is just like “God, she’s such a crybaby,” but that cost me $2,000, it’s so expensive, and they didn’t show all the other other stuff, the big banners and signage, and to have the main displays messed up was really a problem for me. So, you know, it ended up being kind of a problem, and unfortunately, we probably aren’t friends anymore after that episode.

    TDN: Was she really laughing inappropriately when you were in a state of duress?

    KC: Yes, she really was laughing like that. I think it was more of a nervous laughter, but it just didn’t come off that way, and I feel bad that she came out like that, but it is what it is, what can you do?

    TDN: So, one of my downfalls, I’ll admit it every time, I love to do the nail art stuff, but I suck at nail care. What is one of your best nail care tips?

    KC: Really? Ok, well here. Number one, I think you should ALWAYS use cuticle oil. You have to, because here’s the thing, even if you don’t get your cuticles nipped all the time, which, I don’t nip my own, I don’t get them nipped. I think that actually leads on my personal body to more cuticle growth than what I want, so I just kind of push them back and buff off the extra, and if there is obviously like a hangnail or something, I’ll nip that off. But cuticle oil is my best friend, I use it everywhere, hands, elbows, little dry spots, whatever. I absolutely love it.

    You know what I just discovered? This product called ‘Get Fresh’ based out of Santa Monica. Oh my God, their lemongrass foot products... I want to eat. They sent me their lemongrass pedicure kit, so now we do the lemongrass pedicure in my store. Amazing, and they have a heel balm, and all these fun products you can use to do upkeep at home.

    TDN: What are your thoughts on nail art? (this was a question I had planned to ask, but it got answered in the middle of a conversation about my blog...after I mentioned the huge response from Brazilian women, and their love of all nail art in general)

    KC: I love nail art, and people who don’t like nail art are just not my friend. They can’t be, it’s not fair.

    The contents of my goodie bag! :) Click to enlarge!
    TDN: Because it’s fun! Yes, it can go into the tacky range, but it’s mostly fun. 

    KC: Oh, ok, here’s where it gets tacky. When somebody’s nail is really long and it curves like a corn chip nail tip and it’s got someone’s name on it, and it’s pierced with a charm. (we both said the last part at the very same time) You get me...we speak the same nail language.

    You know what’s really annoying, is when people say, “Oh, you’re not a real nail tech because you didn’t graduate from nail school” and I’m like, But I went to nail school, I just didn’t graduate because I found my salon in time and it was like ‘Oh my God, I have to get this before somebody else does.’ and I’m sorry , I want this space, it’s my dream space.” Plain and simple.

    TDN: Right, when opportunity knocks, you can’t let anything stand in your way. You can always finish nail school, but that space might not be there tomorrow.

    KC: I can always finish when I want, because I have hours that don’t expire. I think I have two hundred and some hours. Gosh, that’s a lot. I only need like 180 more hours or 200. I have finished almost half, but it’s 3 1/2 months, it’s a commitment, every single day, all day long.

    TDN: But you’re one of those people that don’t go to college and still become insanely successful.

    KC: Jet Blue guy, didn’t he drop out of college? (I looked it up...yes, he did, from University of Utah after 3 years). The Microsoft guy (Bill Gates), he dropped out of Harvard. Hello, one of the richest men in the world. (my words: bazillionaire!!) You know what, so eff you college, I don’t need you. I don’t need you today, or any other day!

    TDN: Your nail pet peeve. We’ve already discussed corn chip nails, but do you have any other ones?

    KC: Oh my God. You know what else I don’t like? Long, French manicured toes.

    TDN: I read your interview with Michelle of All Lacquered Up, and actually cheered when I saw that.

    KC: She said the same thing. It’s so gross!

    TDN: It’s the worst. You see it a lot here in Las Vegas, it’s everywhere.

    KC: It’s because there are so many strippers, and they love French manicured toes. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just not the look I’m going for. (me: It just doesn’t look classy) I don’t think I’ve ever seen a classy stripper, but if I did, she wouldn’t have French manicured toes.

    TDN: So on your first episode, Debbie Gibson came in, and you said that you have to treat celebrities like everybody else, even when on the inside you’re really squealing.

    KC: I know, I totally wanted to sing Electric Youth. It was hard for me because I was like ‘Oh my God, Debbie Gibson is in here,’ and I was totally like a mall rat crazy person fan of hers and I needed to hold it together and be a normal person. She looked ridiculously amazing. She’s the type of woman that could grocery shop in a thong, and it’d probably be ok. She’s awesome.

    Katie's funny hand sanitizer. Click to enlarge.
    TDN: On that note, if anybody were to walk through the doors of your store, and you would absolutely lose it and go all fan-girl, who would it be?

    KC: I’d love to give Ryan Reynolds a manicure.

    TDN: I’d love to give Ryan Reynolds more than a manicure! (Aaron, one of the promoters commented that I was a dirty bird...oops! :-D What can I say, he’s adorable, funny, and sarcastic...need I list more?)

    KC: I know, he’s hilarious, and so cute. I love it. I think that would be my number one, he’s a doll. It has to be a guy...but if it were a woman, it’d have to be Barbra Streisand, because she has the most insanely gorgeous nails I’ve ever seen in my life. They’re beautiful, and I want her to wear my polish. (Get some sparkle on her.) Yes. I want sparkle on Barbra.

    TDN: So you’ve got a lovely rock on your finger, I know there is no date set for a wedding, but what color do you plan to wear for your wedding?

    KC: I really don’t see myself having a wedding, if I did, it’s going to be glitter, I’m not going to do anything traditional, I’m such a non-traditional person. (What, so no french manicure?) No, maybe I’ll do a picture of Walter on my nail.

    TDN: So, you’ve conquered the nail world, you’re conquering the TV world, what’s next?

    So Katie did confess what she's up to next, but she also said it was kind of a secret!  Until she gives me the go-ahead to share it with you, you'll just have to eagerly wait!  It's definitely something fun!

    Katie & I in front of the manicure truck - it was over 100° outside!! SO HOT!

    What'd I use?

    I used American Apparel Cotton as a base for all nails...

    Thumb: Part of the 'Nail Files' logo

    Claire's Stiletto for the red base, with Nicole by OPI OMB! over it for the glittery parts.

    Index: Part of the 'Nail Files' logo

    Claire's Stiletto for the red base, with Nicole by OPI OMB! over it for the glittery bottle, CND Blackjack for the cap of the bottle and for the nail file with a mixture of CND Blackjack and Orly Mirror, Mirror to shade.

    Middle: TV Guide logo

    Claire's Stiletto for the red base, with Nicole by OPI OMB! over it for the glittery parts, then American Apparel Cotton for the TV guide lettering. 

    Ring: Katie Nail!

    CND Blackjack for the background and for the eyes, combinations and layering of  American Apparel ManilaZoya DeaZoya Helen, and American Apparel Cotton for the hair, Ulta Moody Blues for the eyes. For the skin, a mixture of Zoya Helen and American Apparel Cotton, then mixed that with a bit of Claire's Stilettos for the lips. 

    Pinky: Mojito! (Katie's signature drink)

    For the glass outline, I used Orly Mirror, Mirror, for the mint, I used a combination of Frida Nails grass green jelly (has no color name), the Icing True Beauty, and CND Green Scene. For the liquid, I used a mixture of Frida Nails grass green jelly with Nubar Yellow Primrose, and a little American Apparel MacArthur Park to shade the ice cubes. 

    Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

It's my birthday!!! ^.^

    I'd think about what i want and then come back again. Lol.

    For now, please leave a comment to wish that i'd grow prettier, younger-looking and earn more money to bring my dad for a good trip overseas.


    Thank you for being nice. Thank you for coming back in. Thank you =))

    I hope i've been a decent human so far. Lol.

    And by the way.. I discovered something SUPER DUPER AMAZING just now.

    I'm not paid to blog about this but i'm sure all the A cuppers will be super thankful to find out about this. Cox CONFIRM will have natural-looking cleavage OMG OMG OMG I AM STIL SO EXCITED WHY!!!

    B cuppers will now look like C cuppers. Hate you all. Lol.

    Swear i wasn't pushing/ squeezing.

    I'm a 24 year old adult already. So here you have, a picture of me with cleavage. LOLOL.

    And the freaking unbelievable thing is that this bra has no wire O.O And is seamless. I have no idea how they push up, plus push the two boobs closer. I'd like to dedicate "How do i live" to this U-bra, thank you, Cora Lingerie. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    OMG. I hope i can share more with you about this brand cox i am TRULY IMPRESSED!!! Til then!!!

QWeekly - My birthday wishes are noble.. Lol.


    It's my hair lah.

    I quote Jacqueline, after she touched my hair, "Omg, like pubic hair" =.= Lolol.

    I grab a small bunch of hair, but it won't settle. It's like a furball or something. Lol. Pong Pong one.

    The ends are the worst.

    They shamelessly keep saying hi and want to appear more on my blog. Lol.

    Pull out shot.

    My birthday is gonna happen on Tuesday 28th, I think one can make as many birthday wishes as possible, lol, so if one super good one doesn't come true, some other will.

    So i'm looking for a new hair-salon services sponsor.

    And the location of the salon gotta be..

    Along purple line!!!

    The main reason i hardly visit Artica (and they have agreed to my request to stop the sponsorship) is becox it's on the red line! And here's the travel log for the laziest person on earth if i visit them.

    - you can skip it, it's lame. Lol -

    Get out of the house - Difficulty level 10/10
    Take the lift down - Difficulty level 1/10
    Walk to LRT station - Difficulty level 3 if weather not hot, 5 if hot
    Climb up stairs to LRT platform - Difficulty level 3/10
    Wait for LRT - Difficulty level 1/10
    Take LRT to MRT station - Difficulty level 1/10
    Walk from LRT platform to MRT - Difficulty level 2/10
    24 mins trip to Dohby Ghout from Punggol - Difficulty level 3/10
    Walk from Dohby Ghout to Red Line - Difficulty level 3/10
    Wait for red line MRT - Difficulty level 2
    Walk from Orchard MRT to FEP - Difficulty level 3 or 5

    So.. Every little part that takes me away from my bed, my computer chair, my house, i also super geh gao one. Lolol!

    And to cut my travel by half, which will in turn make me more motivated to treat my hair, i've decided to look for sponsorship only along the purple line.

    To work out the rest, email me Thank you!!!

    So my birthday wishes revolves around looking slightly better. Lol. Like better hair for one. Better skin (already happening cox Adonis is freaking near me!!! =DD) and maybe a chioer pair of eyes, smaller nose, less saggy butts and less cellulite on thighs. Thank you.

    And my wishes are all to look better becox like this people see me also good mood. So it's all for you. Lol.
    I'm tired, it's 5am when i type this. Night! ^.^ Show you lotsa pictures soon!!!

Ad: Who is your favourite Candydate? ^.^

    *** QWeekly update below this post! Do remember to vote and stand a chance to win! THEN, read QWeekly ^.^ ***

    *gasps* WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!? =OOO

    Why are all the happy colours separated from each other?! All the colours should be united and mixed around harmoniously in bags of happiness! Right?!

    Typically YES. But NOT for now! Cox there's a election going on!

    It's an election to

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    Know more about the candydates first then decide which is YOUR favourite! ^.^

    Before we get to know them more, do you already have a favourite?!

    I used to love the green one most but that's before blue came out. I know there isn't any flavour difference to the M&Ms based on colour BUT BUT BUT, what colour we like says a lot about our characters and personalities okay.

    I first liked green the most, only cox it's very rare. Lol. In every packet, there just seemed to be more brown, red, orange and yellow than green. So my sisters and i would always fight to get the green one. Haha. Fun!!! Sometimes we'd trade two unwanted colours for one green. LOL. Omg, suddenly a bit ashamed of my own past. Why i so childish one?! Haha! ^.^

    And all that, is before BLUE was introduced! Then of course, as shallow as i am, newer is better. So blue became the favourite M&M's colour =DDD

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    Now then i realise, each M&Ms colour has their own personalities!!! NOW THIS IS HEADACHE! What if i LOVE the colour but dislike the personality?!

    What if i LOVE the personality but dislike the colour?!

    It's almost like choosing bf/ gf!!! Inner-beauty or outer-beauty!!! Brains or beauty?! Smart or pretty?! I don't know! Let's see shall we!

    RED is a strong, independent character who seeks attention because he knows he deserves it. He is bold in his choices and cheeky in his actions, choosing to do things the more mischievous way.
    Do you like him?!

    "Hey dude, look here! Obvious choice, duh?"

    If you're the VAVAVOOM and LOUD and CAREFREE and ATTENTION-SEEKING kind of person, RED is just for you!!! ^.^

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    BLUE is confident and cool, with nothing to prove because nothing anybody else says really matters. He is good in a dilemma as he is not easily panicked. He knows his priorities and keeps a straight head whenever decisions need to be made.

    "Chill, yo. Let's just enjoy this.. Ya like Jazz music?"

    "Ya know, honestly, i don't care if i win or lose. I mean.. Look at me, i'm balancing on one finger. Not tryna impress you but seriously, vote for the cool yo"

    "No pressure, dude.."

    "But be cool, vote blue." Lolol. Cool people do rhyme their words, don't they?!
    I'm bad with cool!

    ORANGE believes in “better safe than sorry.” He is cautious to the point that he comes off as paranoid and scared. He is jittery and looks over his shoulder a lot as he likes to avoid trouble whenever possible.
    Neurotic human in picture: I think somebody might be following me..
    Jittery orange M&M in picture: Don't drop me pleaseeeee..... I'm sooooo scared~

    Nail-biting.. typical. Hahaha.

    Orange is paranoid and easily suspicious of things.

    "But would you take some of these Orange candies and vote for us?! I double, triple checked, with the professionals, these are all certified yummy and taste like the feeling of WIN!"

    GREEN is the only girl in the line-up, she is seductive and feminine. She is sultry and knows she is desirable, so she takes advantage of that. She is charming and knows the way to a person’s heart!
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    "Yeah i love these long white boots. Your hair looks great on you."

    "Hey Sugar, you know it in your heart.. Deep, deep down in your heart.. That going GREEN, is the new black.. *blow kiss*

    So take some greens? Yummiest green-beans ever, promise *flutters eyelash*

    YELLOW is a character who although adorable, can be rather naïve. Of course, this is why people adore him. His simple ways and gullible nature makes him easy to approach and relate to.

    Right Yellow M&M: I think people like us cox we're.. Not so smart?

    Left Yellow M&M: It doesn't matter why they vote us! We just have to work hard for the votes! See, i made the best signage in the world to garner votes here!

    Right Yellow M&M: Yeah it looks great! It says.. "Moll........." Never mind, i'm sure it's great!

    Left Yellow M&M: Yeah! ^.^

    Right Yellow M&M: We're like the best! ^.^

    "So would you like some Yellow? Don't believe rumor from people trying to ruin our reputation. They say Yellow Yellow, Dirty Fellows. We're still a little upset about that!"

    Now you know the characters of all the candydates! It's time to vote to stand a chance to win the USD1,000 worth of e-shopping vouchers from M&M’s World!!!

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    First, decide on who to vote for!

    After you click VOTE NOW from previous screen, enter birthdate and the charcaters as shown.

    Enter your basic particulars..

    And you're done!!! =DDD

    They are all asking for your vote! So which candydate are you voting for??

    My choice.. Is.. YELLOW!!! It was really tough to choose between Red, Green and Yellow!!! Becox i'm looking at their character (70%) and personal colour preference (30%).

    Green and blue are my lucky colour but i really am not cool and chill so blue is out =(

    Now we have green. She's just soooooo feminine i can't catch up with the sensuality! Lol.

    And then i'm left with Red and Yellow! Of which i think my character is more of red but my inner-inner-innerest-most personality is Yellow.. LOLOL.

    Yah lah, i am also saying i'm innocent and nice and approachable which is in many sense, TRUE. Lolol.

    Also, it's really hard to choose between red and yellow becox whichever i choose, i'd display the picture again. And both set of pictures are so chio. LOL.. Oooh, the self-secured RED in me..

    Too bad! I'm on Team Yellow now ^.^

    Still can't decide who to vote for?

    Do a quick personality test to find out which M&M's Character best matches your personality HERE!

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