It Only Takes a Spark-le to Start a Fire!

    So yeah, yesterday was one of those days that you wish never happened, started, etc. I was one of the 'lucky' people at my company who lost their job yesterday. Sweet, huh?! (if anyone knows of any available awesome jobs in the Vegas area, please let me know!! :-D) I'm trying to look at it as a blessing, there are a ton of roads I could take at this point... I could work at night, and go back to school to get a culinary degree, I could get another graphic job, I could get a bartending or cocktail job, I could work at the casinos... the possibilities are pretty endless. I'm going to turn this situation on it's ass. :-D For today's nails I really wanted to do something fun and sparkly, so I used the new Nubar Sparkles polishes I bought at the International Beauty Show to do an ombre. :) These polishes officially kick ass, I can't stop looking at my hands, they're SO sparkly. I even ended up doing a matching pedicure!! :)

    I used 3 coats of Nubar Petunia Sparkle, with Nubar Violet Sparkle sponged on the tip half of the nail. Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat to smooth out the glitter coats. :)

    So... what should my next endeavor be?


    Picture 1

    Much thanks to Omy for the preview tickets to IRONMAN 2!

    Before the show starts, i took a picture with my boyfriend outside the theater.

    Haha. You thought you were gonna see my real boyfriend here. NO! Lol.
    Cox my real boyfriend is actually Donnie Yen. HAHAHA. I am highly delusional now.

    Hi, please support my movie.
    I am the one on the extreme left and extreme right.
    HAHA! I know! I super love her! She's so cool-headed, so swift and so HOT! LOL.

    Me ^.^
    Whatever, shit in your hand and eat it. Shut up! LOL. This is me!
    Who knows, later i go Artica do hair, Juno might really think redhead suits me. LOL!!!
    Anyway, point is, this Nat here added lotsa action moves to IRONMAN 2. I mean human-action moves.

    My favourite part of the movie besides IRONMAN being EVEN MORE funny than he was in IRONMAN 1, it's this buddy of his! This is where robot action moves kicks in hard! PLEASE LOOK OUT for a part where THE EX-WIFE finally was put to use. LOL!!! I am still laughing about it!!!

    And him!!! You all sure think he is just a psycho baddie in the movie right!
    NO! I think he quite got character! Lol. And his Whip Lash!
    OOOohhhgggrrrrrr! Super sexy to me! LOL!

    And i think it'd be so useful for ladies if it's in the market, in a smaller version. If the Vitagen wrapper just refuse to tear apart, we Whiplash it. If we find split ends on our hair, we Whiplash it. If we need to open something when our nails are still not dry after doing manicure, we Whiplash it. If our guy cheats, WE WHIPLASH IT! Hahaha =D I'd love to have that please!

    See he's not just some bad guy, he is loving to his parrot at least!

    IRONMAN's portable suit-case.

    My portable suit-case if i am IRONLADY

    All in all, i give IRONMAN2 a 9/10!!!

    Funny, unpredictable, action-packed, intelligent!!! It brings you to envy IRONMAN, worry for him, be amused by him and then be amazed by his war suit, and then you leave the cinema hoping that there's IRONMAN 3 soon.

    Tony Stark is one of his kind.
    I like this line "I successfully privatised world peace, what more do you want?"
    VERY SMUG!!!

    I give you the real official poster. Haha.
    Watch IRONMAN 2 in Cinema today!

    Thanks Omy again!!! =DDD

Oh, Quit Your Waning!

    So I think I may be tired lately... there are two nights this week so far that I've passed out on the couch, etc. before 8:30 PM! :-P Last night it was about 6:45, and I slept the whole night. That can't be good, right? So much going on lately! Next Friday, I need to make a wedding cake for my friend Jessica's wedding... I'm a little scared because it's the one cake in a person's life they're not likely to forget. :-/ I also need to make some ice cream for class on sunday, I'm thinking Chocolate Cayenne, Fresh Strawberry, and Vanilla Bean. (Banana, too, if I can find ripe bananas at the supermarket). I'm hoping to do a 1-tier practice of the wedding cake on Saturday, and I hope to GOD it looks awesome. lol On the bright side, tomorrow is Friday, and at least over the weekend I won't have to worry too much about work, just personal obligations! :)

    Today's nail art was inspired by the phases of the moon, which are: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Las Quarter, Waning Crescent, and Dark. (according to As of the time of this blog post, we are nearly at the full moon! :-D I only used TWO colors for this art- black and white! Oh, and by the way, the ring finger on my right hand is new CND Shellac, which would explain why it's not decorated with art.. lol I'm testing their 2-week claim, because if if can stay on me, it'll stay on anyone.

    I used American Apparel Hassid
    for the background, as well as mixed with American Apparel Cotton for the greys, and also used American Apparel Cotton
    to lightly sponge over the base to make 'stars'.

    What is going on with this blog? First, all the talk of 'brazilians', and now a Waxing Moon?! :-P (bad joke, I know)



    Hi guys~

    Oh. Guess who won the Bloggers' Night Best Blog Contest by Orange Clove/ Neo Catering? And got the great prize of a..
    Yacht Ride with catered food and all by Orange Clove? FOR 12 PAX.

    You probably guessed. Me.

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That's altogether 12 happy people eyes.

    I wanna thank Jane, Jessie and all the people i got to meet at the Bloggers' Night whom decided that i should win this! LOL!!! And they are so kind! My birthday falls on 28th June, and i can claim this prize til 30th June. HAPPY MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know how unexpected this is for me?! I mean you know in the post here i said i only had a idiot-proof camera and everyone else there has SLRs or SLR look-alike, and they were all snapping away very professionally! YUTAKI!!! Yutaki can vouch! I even told him "How to win? You see our camera and their camera!" LOL!!!

    So i wasn't blogging to win the near $1.5k prize, i was just blogging becox i really enjoyed the event and that the food was great and thus, i have to share with you guys right!

    The night i found out, i couldn't sleep. I wasn't just thinking of who to invite and about how it feels to be on a yacht (yah lah, never been on one, so so so?!) but i was really thinking hard also, about WHY THE HECK I WIN!!! So i suddenly remember! The contest is judge base on 30% pictures and 70% content!!!


    偶像派, 我也是...


    十粒 pie!!!

    LOL!!! Okay not very funny, never mind! Point is! I won!

    And thou i won and i should feel like i ought to win this cox it's SOOOOOooooo great, i also ought to show you guys some of the other entries. They might be able to put Orange Clove catering to you in another light. The yummier-looking pictures, all below! Especially Justin's!

    Can you spot me?







    Pretend now 紅星大獎

    * * * * *

    謝謝!! 謝謝大家!! 我要謝謝那些吃飽空閑的讀者!! 也感謝還沒有吃飽就讀我的 blog 的人!!

    還有評審團, 謝謝你給我這個獎!!!

    我想在我身上發生的是烏龜賽跑, 鐵棒磨成針的故事.
    烏龜不想在慢慢爬了, 希望鐵棒也能磨成針!
    (Whatever that means, i just wanna say something meaningful exactly like Elvin)

    另外沒有拿獎的 blogger 們, 我愿意跟你們分享這個獎項的榮賢!!!
    But 獎品 cannot!!! LOL.

    * * * * *

    Okay, end of speech. Did you guys realise?! Star Awards this year many winner say want to share. Tsk.. But how to share, really?

    Remember, i am always your 偶像兼十粒 Pie blogger okay.
    The freckles are fake. I tried to do it after seeing my 偶像 Xiaxue did. LOL.

    HAPPY!!! BIG BIG BIG FAT THANK YOU to Orange Clove!!!


Wet Paint sale on Ideeli!

    Hey all!! Just a note to let you know about the Wet Paint Glaze System sale on today!! Everything is deeply discounted- there is a set of 15 polishes for $50, original price is $150! It's a pretty neat idea, and with those 15 polishes you can create 102 different colors!!

    Here is the link! Wet Paint Sale on Ideeli

    US Shipping only unfortunately. :(

    Picture is from

Oh, How Tacky!

Mr Curry by Waraku!

    Read this short little cute story okay. So the next time you dine at Mr Curry, you'd always remember it was Qiuting who introduced you to your next bestfriend, Mango-nyan. LOL.

    Thanks Felicia for the invite!!! Felicia, you rock!!! =DDD

    And i asked Carey with me!
    Not becox i want to take pictures with her and then afterwards photoshop her cleavage onto myself but becox i thought she'd love great food too! =D

    Okay, but how do you think i look with that cleavage? =DDDDD
    NICE NOT?!??!

    Let's see what Mr Curry is serving!




    ... That's some huge variety. Are you hungry now?
    I wanted everything!!! But i only have one stomach =(

    So i chose the prawn omelet with rice and then i get to choose..

    What kind of curry i'd like to go with the dish, i chose the Original!
    But i REALLY am not so sure about the black sauce but Carey was more adventurous.

    And then the level of spicyness! Me spicy-ONLY. Haha.

    And drinks! Sorry can't help! The menu damn cute i keep snapping =D
    Carey had the Mr Curry specialty Mango Lassi and she keep telling me after the meal that it's damn shiok! But i say it looks like it's very filling. She say YAH, BUT IT'S DAMN SHIOK.
    So you guys might wanna have that!

    I had Melon Float! Next time i'm gonna have the Calpis! they say it's like Yakult ^.^

    My food! See the prawn so fresh and big! I LIKE~

    And my Mango-nyan inspired sauce. Haha.
    Love the much onion inside!

    Deng deng deng deng~~~~~
    BLACK SAUCE! Imagine that on your rice! I know!!!

    它很醜~~~~ 可是它很文柔~~~~

    LOL! Really! It's abit ermmmm-looking but it's YUMMY!!!
    The slight seafood (squid) after taste is good! And Carey's patty so so yum!!!

    Try this =D


    And you think that's all..


    How thoughtful of the people there at Mr Curry and Cafe de Waraku! =D

    Yummy mini cake rolls. I hart the chocolate most!
    Cox it's the cake is light and fluffy and the chocolate taste is rich.
    What a good combi! =D

    Ending off with my act cute picture ^.^


    Arrange your next lunch date at Mr Curry becox..

    Mr Curry and Cafe de Waraku Grand Opening Celebration at Marina Square
    Center Stage on 17 April 2010

    *In conjunction with their Grand Opening of Mr Curry and Cafe de Waraku at Marina Square Center Stage, they will be giving away 50% returns vouchers exclusively only at Mr Curry and Cafe de Waraku, Marina Square Center Stage. Be sure to celebrate their Grand Opening with them!

    - Terms and Conditions applies-


I'd Like the Brazilian, Please!

    OH MY GOODNESS! For those of you that are new to the blog- WELCOME, or bem-vindos!! (I hope that translated correctly on Google Translate! lol) I am SO excited and thrilled from the HUGE HUGE HUGE response on my blog yesterday from the country of Brazil! I received 112,000 page views yesterday!! (thats about two-thirds of what I generally get in a MONTH!) So in honor of all my awesome new readers- I give you today's nail design- the Brazilian flag. :) Obrigado!!!

    I used CND Green Scene as a base, used tape to tape off the diamond shape, painted CND Bicycle Yellow, then removed the tape. For the blue, I freehanded a circle with Pure Ice French Kiss, then used Sally Hansen All the White Stuff for the white band across it, as well as little dots (for the stars). I also used CND Green Scene to paint little squiggles for the words Ordem e Progresso ("Order and Progress"), since I can't paint letters that small. :-D Topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

    Thank you to all my new readers, Brazilian, American, or whatever country you're from!! You rock, and I appreciate you!!

    BTW- keep an eye out for a giveaway in the next few days- I was planning to have one for 1500 followers, but the follower count went up by 100 in a day, so I wasn't ready for it! lol Still finishing part of the prizes, and figuring out what the contest rules should be!! :)


    Happy monday!!! It's *bleepin* hot here today in sunny Las Vegas, and definitely doesn't feel like April should. :-D Today's design is simple again, I got home late after the show last night, and was too tired to do anything intricate, but I still dig the color combo- Flip Flop Fantasy is positively retina-searing, the picture doesn't do it justice! :) I'm sitting at my desk right now having a 'Flip Flop Fantasy'... wishing I was at home sitting in the shade wearing flip flops, my comfy jeans, and a t-shirt!! No such luck, it's a work day! The play last night was fantastic, and if any of you should get the chance to see 'Confessions of a Mormon Boy', I'd highly recommend it. It's hilarious, entertaining, charming, and heart-wrenching all wrapped into one story.

    I used China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy as a base, with MAC Showy applied by dipping the end of a straw in the bottle of polish, then aiming it at the nail, and forcefully blowing air through the straw to splatter it. I topped it off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

    Flippety flop! (I think it's about nap time for this redhead- why can't we have siestas here in the US?)

It's Sprung!

    Ok, so it's over 80°F here in Vegas, I dare say that Spring has SPRUNG! Today's nail design was a simple one, I had very little time after class before I went to the International Beauty Show to do anything terribly inspiring, but I still like how it turned out!! I used one of the new polishes from my haul yesterday from a brand I've never used/heard of before- Dare to Wear by Lechat, I have to say, the polish is great, it applied wonderfully, and was opaque in 2 coats. :) (and CHEAP- since it was a discontinued color, it was $1.25 at the show. :-D Happy nail blogger here!! I also got to check out the new Shellac from CND, the lovely Kristina applied it to two of my nails. I'll post more details tomorrow about it!! :)

    I used Dare to Wear Inspiring Surroundings as a base, with China Glaze DV8 applied with Konad Plate s9, and topped off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

    Ta-Ta for now.. I'm off to see Confessions of a Mormon Boy at the ONYX Theater here in Vegas. :-D Have a great night!! :)


    Heidy-ho, neighbors! :) Today was a great day!! I participated in Corporate Challenge earlier (a Las Vegas competition between a bunch of corporations where we compete in sports, card games, etc), today's event was Kart Racing. Too bad Mike S. came in 7th, or we might have placed. :-P (Yes, Mike, that was another jab, lol) ANYWAY. lol Another fun thing I got to do today is go to the International Beauty Show! I'd never been to it before, so it was like being a kid in a candy shop... a tad overwhelming, but awesome. It was cool to see people like Nick Arrojo cutting hair a few feet away (and yes, I put in my phone number to be a hair model!! lol). I also loved going around to see all the nail booths, Nubar, CND, China Glaze, Minx, CalGel, etc. There are so many fun techniques- and I swear when I get my project done, I REALLY wanna try CalGel, it looks super rad... and I'm thinking that Shellac is going to be a must-have for this summer on my toes!!! Anyway- I'm hoping to have time to go back tomorrow, and I'll definitely be writing more about what I found, bought, saw, etc. in the next few days! :)

    On to the nails... a girl named Danielle in my culinary class suggested that I do Dinosaurs.. I totally thought it was a kick ass idea, so I did it!! It's a T-Rex on my thumb, and dino footprints across the other nails! :)

    I used MAC Abalone Shell as a base for the footprint nails, with Essie Mink Muffs and Zoya Dea sponged lightly on top, as well as for the footprints. For the T-Rex nail, I used Orly Snowcone for the background, L.A.Girl Army Green for the T-Rex, Nubar Forest for the shading and part of the lines, American Apparel Hassid for the eye, and the outlines, and Green Scene for the leaves at the bottom. I used Essie Matte About You on the footprint nails, and 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat on the dino nail.


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