I'm Gassy

    Or Gas MASKY at least. :-D Chris, the 'lovely dude' (<--he liked being called that the other day on the blog) who I speak of on occasion here on the blog, turns a whopping 40 years old today. Seriously ancient. (just him, this doesn't apply to any other 40+ year olds) In honor of his getting older, I decided to paint the logo that he paints on EVERYYYYYTHING, his gas mask. :-D

    I used OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow as a base, with L.A Colors Striper in White (I didn't use the brush, just the polish). Topped everything off with Essie Matte About You.

    On another note, my silicone nub finally fell off my f key, so now I have to press really hard. lol

Making a Splash

    Since yesterday's nails were so, well...GREY, I thought today I'd make some colorful ones!! I tried a technique of using a crumpled paper towel to apply the colors other than the base color. I I think (if you squint) it looks sort of like the shadow on the bottom of a pool of the ripples on the surface of the water. Perfect for a day like today, which was absolutely gorgeous. (uncharacteristic for a Vegas summer- it never even hit 90°!)

    I used Essie Turquoise & Caicos as a base, with Essie Mint Candy Apple, Essie Bone Chilling White, and Orly Bailamos sponged over it. I also used Orly Bailamos for the 'moon', then edged it with aqua colored crystals. Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

    Tonight was the last night of bowling league *sad face*, but here is a picture of my team- we took 10th place (out of 18). GO TEAM (Our name was 'I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter') Gotta love that not just one, but TWO of my other bowling buddies chose ME to give bunny ears. What kind of crap is that?! :-P

    Team 'I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter' (Alicia, Bill, Joanna, and Me)

Grey Matters

    Recently, I was putting polishes away in my Helmer cabinets, and noticed how many greys I have. I don't know, there is something about greys that I really love, and today, I thought that I'd do a monochromatic nail design utilizing a few of them.

    I used butter LONDON Billy No Mates as a base, with Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud for the white stripe, Orly Mirror, Mirror for the miedium grey stripe, Essence Pointbreak for the darker grey stripe, and American Apparel Hassid for the thin black stripe. I topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

    I was recently asked if I ever use a base coat, and the answer to that is YES! I always have. I guess I just never list it because it changes between a few. I have used Nubar, Essie, Seche, Seche Ridge-filling, Seche Natural, Barielle, and I think that might be it. Since I don't wear polish long enough to worry about chipping and tip wear, I don't feel right recommending a basecoat that might or might not be good, because I don't fully test their limits. I feel OK with mentioning the Seche Vite top coat because it makes my project possible, if I didn't have it, I would 99% of the time post pictures of lumpy smudged and dented nails. :-D Hope this answers any questions or concerns. :) If not, let me know, I'd be happy to answer you!

    And the cross-stitch project I was working on a couple of weeks ago, I finally got back around to finishing the stitching. :) I got the pattern from Skull-a-Day–Day 258, it was designed by Noah Scalin.

Okay this is serious.

    I will be doing something to my hair mid of end September.

    So i have at least three weeks to decide.

    DO I PERM my hair? Big waves. Not curls.

    What do you guys think?

    Last time i tried i was 16 and i look like a 60 year old hooker.

    Yah yah yah, this is me.

    But now i have Artica and Juno to take care of my hair, so i am not fearful of the result at all. It's just that.. I bought a curler from Watson yesterday. And i can curl my hair if need to, but the result will be loop-sided. Like this.

    One side curl inwards, one side curl outwards.
    So end up i very skewed to the left. Lol.

    HOW?!?! Do i just keep and touch up my straightened hair or do i perm it? I think i'd look like Karen Mok (above picture) if i perm my hair. Like tall, rather slim, yellow and crazy.

    But she's only crazy in the movies, and actually very elegant IRL. But i'd look crazy EVERYTIME with permed and messy hair.

    HOW?!?! Lol.. HOW?!?!

    What would i do without Artica......?!


Oh, How Fon-dant!

    Today was my friend Gelly's baby shower, and somehow, yet again, I managed to get everything done on time. I think that I thrive on last minute pressure, since it seems to be the only time I can really focus on a project and get things done. As I mentioned yesterday, I made the cake for the shower, and also my gift for her, which I finished at 1:07 p.m. today. (I had to be to the party at 3, which was 45 min away, in North Vegas, and I still hadn't gotten ready yet!) The cake was a hit, as was the gift (a hand-crocheted baby afghan in the colors she wanted for her nursery), plus I had fun eating and hanging out with the girls. Plus, as it happens, I am a master of baby shower games, which I find funny, since I know nothing of babies. (They come from the stork, right?) Today's nail design was based on the cake that I did for the shower, incorporating the multi-colored dots of the bottom tier, and the graphic flowers of the top tier.

    The inspiration:

    The nails:

    I used Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud as a base, with OPI Parlez Vous OPI? for the purple, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Spring Green for the green, and Milani Teddy Bare for the brown. Topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

    The afghan that I made as a gift:

    Completely off-topic, but I need a new laptop (mine is 7 years old), or at the very least, a new keyboard for mine, as mine is missing the 'f' key, which makes it difficult to type, since there is just the silicone nub that goes under the key for me to press. One day. :-D

    I'm off to clean up Hurricane Buttercream/Fondant in my kitchen, and Tropical Storm Yarn in my living room. Perhaps tomorrow I'll get to the sewing table/area.

Surfer Stripe

    Today has been craaaaaazy. I've spent the entire day trying to finish my gift for my friend Gelly's baby shower tomorrow. (I've been working on the darn thing for 2 weeks), I'll post the picture tomorrow just in case she reads this post, I don't want to ruin the surprise! I've also been baking the cake for the shower tomorrow, and after I post this, I'm off to make some buttercream, and get the decoration party started. :-D I'm SO exhausted, I was up 'til 5 am working on the gift last night, and I've been goin' all day! lol I need a nap! Anyway, to the nails. A while back, I told you all about a brand called Island Girl, and did a post with their color changing polishes. Well, today I decided to use some of their regular polishes to make a design.

    I used Essence The World's Coolest from the Surferama collection as a base, with Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud on the tip end. Over Essence The World's Coolest, I used Island Girl Island Volcano (a glitter polish with iridescent glitter, and iridescent mylar flakes suspended in a sheer aqua base), and then I used Island Girl Hawaiian Magic to paint the stripes. Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Usagi Headband

    You know My Hair Queen for their wigs and fringe pieces. Now they carry these too! ^.^

    I don't dress very outwardly but i love to doll up a little bit and take pictures at home, and then later photoshop them to death. Lol.

    Here you go!

    The heart shape light blue denim wash =D

    LOL!!! What, these are also buns.

    Tell me why. Why do i always make something that's supposed to be just chio, into something totally turn-off, irrelevant and lame!!! Okay i'd just show you CHIO pictures okay okay okay?! =D

    One more of the light denim with little hearts!!!

    You might have seen this in the post below. LOL.
    I was too excited to show this so i put it up just now in a separate post.

    This is the final one lah. The dark denim wash with little hearts!

    Bf figured this out. So if you think it's a crappy way to wear the Usagi headband, it's not my fault.
    He was trying to make 牛角尖 using the band and i bend it more to turn it into a heartshape. LOL.

    Like safety headlight. LOL! Okay okay nevermind!

    The flora ones!


    Get your Usagi headband! It's never too late to follow a trend! LOL!

    Becox it's always later, cheaper.



Concentric Centric

    Today's nail design is simpler than the last two days of designs, but I still really like it. The other day, I used my ULTA rewards to get Essie Sew Psyched and Essie Little Brown Dress, and I really wanted to use them. I also picked up Essence The World's Coolest from the Surfer Babe collection, and wanted to use THAT too, and thought it was an interesting combination with the sage and the brown, so I went with it.

    I used Essie Sew Psyched as a base for all fingers except the ring finger, where I used essence The World's Coolest. For the design, I used Essie Little Brown Dress, then topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Shameless me. Lol..

    Do hair need money (not for me i know, and this super chio curls here is done at Artica)
    Eyelash extension need money (but i am not that keen cox very leychay)
    Contacts lens need money (but i don't dare to put it in nor take it out)
    Blusher need money (but the camera flash always kills it)
    But photoshop is free! ^.^

    So photoshop rulesssssssss!


    Bye bye ^.^

How do you know who's nice, like really.

    One of the thing i really enjoy is meeting new people. But it's so tiring sometimes, becox being so friendly and quite harmless (unless being stepped on first), people REALLY do wanna be friends with you (me in this sense). Say whatever you want, but there are nice people who wanna be friends with me. Like NICE, NORMAL people. You know, not the kind that met you once at carshow for work, and then leech on to be your sidekick without even really knowing you, and just wanna hang around cox you are somewhat, popular. And confirm will end up bitching about you and backstabbing you once they know you. So what's the point, they might as well don't know you from the start and continue reading looking at your blog.

    It's like c'mon lor, that girl doesn't even really own a blog.
    Lol. It's like a pornsite, budget pornsite.


    I'm just gonna move on. NO LAH. I lie again. I am not going to move on. NEVER. I am forever gonna joke about her while she gets all pissed becox Don't pretend like you don't give a shit, i know you are pissed. I got informantsssss. LOL! See, i STILL CARE =)) WHAHAHAHAHHAAH.

    Okay back to seriousness. It's like.. After doing Budget Barbie and reading ALL the comments (yeah i do that, becox i am so free, so? Go work your ass off) I don't know lah, call me naive or whatever, but now it feels weird walking on the street. It's like i NEVER, never thought that there could be so many people out there that could be so mean.

    Like what if, okay, what if the bugger that calls me a CHEAPSKATE LOW CLASS DISGUSTING AH LIAN WHO SPEAKS LIKE A AUNTY AND SHOULD GO FOR ENGLISH CLASS WITH RIS LOW, what if that bugger just walk pass me in the subway of Orchard MRT to Scotts when the blind man there is singing something really romantic?

    How can that happen, like WE SHARED A SWEET LITTLE MOMENT and then next he/she goes home, log on to clicknetwork.tv and then watch me and hate me instantly.

    There are some really nice and encouraging comments too. But those i don't know how to answer except Thank you Thank you Thank you. But i can't keep doing it right. Lol.

    Thinking of it in another way.. If in real life, people around you could do little things to hurt you, or bring you down, or affect you negatively, how are those people making nasty remarks on the internet guilty? Those keyboard warriors don't try to know you, they just wanna say something mean. Simple.

    But the people around you, they try to know you.. They make effort to go closer. So you think they are nice, so you're nice to them. And then later they'd say and do something mean even when all that you've ever been to them was, NICE. Which one more guilty?

    I am really very friendly and nice. I like to see happy people and i like to be with them. And i hate crying ugly babies. LOL. Okay that one not very nice.

    And mean people just really.. Turns me off. What's your point? Is there a reason why you're alive? And adding on to the length of nice-food queues?

    If all the mean people just die, like one day they all just die together, the world will be a wonderful place! Long queues cut by 1/2, air turn fresher by one fold, MRT 50% less crowded, number of meaningless nehnehblogs - ZERO.

    The whole point of my life is just to die (at least til i am 65);
    and be remembered by the ones i so love when i was alive.

    Eeeer. Why i think i so cool to make up something that rhymes. Haha!

    I am just going to sleep. Whole point of my life, mentioned.

    Whole point of this post, NIL.

    No lah, just to remind myself that it's right to be nice.
    And not stupid to be nice, for a start, at least.


What a Bunch of Nerds!

Urban Decay Sale at Hautelook!! :)

    Woot! Urban Decay Cosmetics sale at Hautelook today!! The last few have been AWESOME, so I'm excited!! The sale starts at 8 am PST, so get on there early, so stuff isn't sold out!! :)

    Urban Decay Sale at Hautelook

I Know You Are, But What am I?!

Lovely Lotus

    So, as a request from Chris, the lovely dude who brought me nail polishes back from India, today's nail art utilizes 2 of the Indian polishes!! :-D I wanted to do something abstract and decorative, and this is what I came up with. I think it's kind of a different twist on a moonicure.

    I used Lotus Herbals Luscious Berry as a base, with Lotus Herbals Orchid Pearl for the design. I used Essie Matte About You over the tips to make them a tad more matte than the 'moon'.

Stila Cosmetics Sale on Hautelook!

    Hey all, just wanted to let you know that there is a Stila Cosmetics sale on Hautelook!

    There is lots of good stuff, eyeshadow palettes, lipglosses, you name it!! WOO!!

    Check it out!! Stila sale at Hautelook!

    *goes over to Hautelook.com to go shopping* :-D


    I was watching TV today and though I don't recall what show/movie it was in, I remember seeing a dartboard, and I thought to myself, "Self, that would make a fun nail design!". So there you have it, dartboard nails! Who here wants to challenge me to a game of Cricket?!

    I used American Apparel California Trooper as a base, with Nubar Forest for the green sections, Nubar Sexy Red for the red sections, American Apparel Hassid for the black sections, and China Glaze Millennium as the metal separating the sections. No room for the numbers, sorry. :-D Last, I topped everything off with a coat of Essie Matte About You.

    Weird thing is, I play better darts when I'm drinking than when I'm sober. What's up with that?!

Lan Jiao Lang

    I think i am a genius. I just figured that every who tweets, is a Lan Jiao Lang.

    Becox the Twitter BIRD is BLUE.

    And we are human.

    So that literately makes us, LAN JIAO LANG.



Tip the Scales

    Today when I sat down to do my nails, I had NO idea what I was going to do. (like most days) This is what happened, I think it kind of looks like very graphic fish scales. :-D

    I used Essie Sag Harbor as a base, with NOX Twilight Talon for the 'scales'. Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

    Tonight was AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE. I was lucky enough to get tickets to 2 concerts. Not one, TWO! :-P (FREE) I got to go to Cyndi Lauper at the House of Blues, and Michael Franti and Spearhead at Mandalay Bay Beach. Cyndi Lauper was INCREDIBLE. She sang a ton of blues songs, and then sang her well-known hits. (and you bet your ass I wore my MAC Viva Glam Cyndi. :-D) Michael Franti was also really amazing, I love how his music is so happy and uplifting, he's definitely a gifted artist! :-D

    This is me after tonight (no, not red, smeary, and round-faced...HAPPY! Don't mind the zillions of freckles...I'm cursed)

Tangled Talons

    When I was younger I would often doodle the same thing. I would draw a series of dots to comprised the outside of a circle, then I would connect those dots with lines, lots and lots of lines. Today's manicure is my interpretation of those doodles so many years ago. It kind of looks like tangled string to me a bit. :)

    I used butter LONDON Billy No Mates as a base, with Essie Matte About You on top of it, then I used American Apparel Hassid and CND Anchor Blue to paint the line art.

The Results Are In!

    After what seems like a zillion hours or counting and deliberating, I've got the contest results. One person in the competition was unfortunately disqualified to do two reasons, one being that she doctored her nail design in Photoshop (or other photo manipulation program), which was the main reason, but to add insult to injury, she was 'buying' votes by offering extra entries to her giveaway. I have to say that next time I will actually OPEN the photos before posting them next time, because the photo manipulating was quite obvious. Sorry to that entrant, but you should have known better.

    This was TOTALLY not in the spirit of the blog or the contest, and to say I'm disappointed and irritated is a serious understatement. Giveaways on blogs (especially with this many entries) are a HUGE undertaking, and the time and money spent getting them up and running is considerable. The next giveaway will not utilize ANY voting by peers of entrants/readers due to the experience of this contest.

    Sorry to be a party pooper with all that. On to the results!

    The only votes that were counted (as stated in a later post) were votes from registered Google or OpenID accounts.

    The winners!

    First and second place are divided by just 2 VOTES!!

    First place goes to....


    Second place goes to...


    Third Place goes to...


    Thank you all for the great entries!!

    Winners, please email me your mailing information to thedailynail@gmail.com!!

NOX Twilight Nail Polish Review

    Check out the Daily Nail: Reviews site, I just posted swatches and review for 6 of the 12 polishes in the NOX Twilight nail polish collection!

    For those of you who haven't visited that site, my reviews are based on how well a polish applies, how unique the color is, and how well it works for Konad and other nail art. :)

Second ep of Budget Barbie is out! ^.^

    Yong Ming went with me shopping at City Plaza to shop for Budget Barbie and IN CASE some of you guys don't already know, if you visit City Plaza, you must also queue for Arnold's Fried Chicken! JUICY TO THE MAXIMUM!!! Even the breast is juicy and tender!

    While queuing..

    Food! I always order extra deep-fried buns becox they are so yummy with the coleslaw or just chili sauce. Haha!

    Okay back to Budget Barbie! Show you my best buy first!

    A pair of $10 boots!!!

    I wore it for Avebelle photoshoot!
    The top is not launched yet but you can email them at avebelle@gmail.com to enquire.

     And the item picked for giveaway is the super chio Lulu inspired outfit!
    I look so shocked and all becox i was having A LOT of mixed feeling after picking up "FUNKY CLOTHES"!!!

    First, i was confused which is FUNKY CLOTHES referring to.
    Then i realise it's Lulu's outfit and was a bit sad why Jessibaby named it as FUNKY CLOTHES. It should be AVANT GARDE. LOL!!!
    Then i was a little guilty to be giving away this becox i don't know if anybody would know how to appreciate it.
    Then i was sad again becox i ACTUALLY do like this outfit, AS A SET!!!

    I know, you think it looks like buang and shit.

    This picture is just to show you how HAPPY i was to have stick to my choice of buying this despite when deciding to buy or not, Yong Ming was like..

    "不要想不開, listen to me, put it back. Calmly.. Slowly.. Put it back.. C'mon.. Put it back, okay? JUST PUT THE FUCKING THING BACK!!! EVEN THE REAL PRC WON'T TOUCH IT!!! PUT THE FUCKING THING BACK NOW!" 

    Lol!!! WHY!!!

    By the way, this is Lulu from The Noose.
    The real lovely lulu 2

    The real lovely lulu 1
    Click on picture to watch her weideo. LOL.

    So this is how it looks like if worn by the right people..


    What, it looks good on me what!

    Leave your comments on Clicknetwork to win this set of outfit! It's not just clothing, it is a outfit that shouts, ME! LOL!!!! Fuck you all who say it's horrendous, fuck you Yong Ming! LOL!!!


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