For Fuchsia Dream

    My selected peice

    How about getting something handmade with beautiful thoughts,
    for that someone special this Xmas =))

Coming to update about ME

    Cox the next 3 to 4 post will be mini raves about products and services, so i think it's just right that i send you guys little peices of info about what i have been up to.. Since that's your main idea being here. Hor? =D

    Hmm.. What can i say..


    LOL!!! Really!!!

    Everyday, these day. Goes like that.

    Wake up, try to sleep again. Can't sleep again, wake up for real.
    Bathroom business.
    Clean up my babies' room.
    Go to the fridge, pour cornflake, add dried fruits & milk.
    Beat aliens on iPhone
    Rot at the comp.
    Time to eat again.
    Watch Korean drama (I just got done with 秋天的童話 the ancient drama) Haha.
    Feed babies.
    Kill aliens on iPhone.
    Walk babies.
    Kill aliens.

    And the next day goes. In between i gotta answer work calls, and play with my attention seeking babies. That is about it.

    Phew, my life is so fulfilling =DDD

    You like me?

    I LOVE ME!!!

    Just another commoner trying to be hip =D


My act chio dog

    "My mummy wants me to act chio to the camera"

    Next Frame..

    "Hehehe.. Don't want lah so silly.."

    Hahaha.. My Love in the world!



    That's Missy M doing my red hot lips.

    I stole these two pictures from Prissy's blog. From yesterday's (Sunday) shoot. I had on a total of nine outfit i think. Show you the pics when i get them okay ^.^ The fashion comm students! Gosh they were all such nice people. And cool! I mean, i know, i am nice too. But isn't it like nice to meet nice people like yourself?! LOL!!! N I C E~

    My primary school English teacher already told my class to not just use nice and that we can try to use words like Beautiful, Wonderful, Amazing, Impressive, Kind, Delightful.

    Then my secondary school teacher says the same thing.

    BUT WHY?!

    Why i cannot use nice? Huh? Tell me nicely, why i cannot use nice?!?!
    And also, why don't they allow durians in trains?


    I am coming back with a contest raving on The 199 Shop contest. Sounds super cool! I want to join! =D

    Very random of late. And i injured my spinal since yesternight and it JUST got better now. God loves me. I am blessed. Okay, can we get serious for a moment? I don't know, i just wanna get serious now.

    I am thankful for everything i have in life..
    For all the people who stand by me..
    Mainly my family, my Love and my two lovely woofies.
    And the friends who'd stay close no matter what.

    I am thankful for everything, okay?

    Remember people for the good things they done for you and then when they do something bad, you remember the good things, still. This way you have nothing to fight for..

    Well, unless you REALLY feel like picking on somebody, that's a different story =D Then you don't have to be NICE.

    I'm stucked.



Say really..

    I don't look that bad without makeup and with ZERO photoshop right. Beside the lighting, cox the original picture was under.

    Besides having bigger nose, yellower teeth, dark eye ring, zits on the cheeks, flat messy hair and uneven face shape.. I am actually overall-ally quite okay right?

    This looks perfect though.

    Today i had a good chance to meet some new people. They're really fun and capable. And you know sometimes people can be so lovely, you get drawn to them naturally. Sometimes i envy these people.

    Actually, i envy most people. But i am not jealous. You admire other people's fine quality and you make do with your own. Haha. That's.. Erm.. Loserish. But, whatever. LOL.

    I am gonna go lie down on my bed and read.


    Eh! I read leh!!! Got 文化 one okay!



    I was at Punggol Plaza (again) just now and there's a bra and undies temp stall. So i got a pair of nude undies for this Sunday shoot. And was looking at cloth bra with no metal support cox anyway, i don't need them really.

    So i was looking, then the stall auntie came and told me, "這個買給小妹妹很好穿"





    Enough said.


    $2700USD boobs job in Vietnam

She does not have it.

    Yesterday on the train ride back home from Chinatown, something really awkward happened.
    Red is by me, and blue was all that my love did.

    Two stations later, there was a s0-very-strong, pungent smell. Bad smell. Almost immediately i knew what it was, one of my favourite snack, Chippy British Takeaway - Salt and Vinegar Fish.

    If any of you guys know what it can smell like, you'd fully understand what i mean.

    So i turned to my love and went like..

    "Eh you smell that?"


    "I know what's that you know"
    *smart aleckness*

    *nods upward in turn of asking why*

    "It's Chippy British Takeaway. The vinegar fish!"


    "Omg.. So poor thing.. Later people think that girl got CCB how.."

    At this point of time, i didn't even know if it was a girl or a guy with the smell. I didn't know who it was, or where the person's standing.

    So i looked around and less than a minute later, i turned, and found a lady with Chippy British standing right behind me.

    I felt so bad!!!

    So i nudge my love to see.

    *shakes head*

    Hey lady, i didn't meant what i say. You do NOT have a CCB.



Level Up, to a whole new cheapskateness

    Very quickly, how do you like my 80 cents banglets?
    $5 dress and my $3.30 shawl?

    I think i just made them look like they cost me $80, $50 and $33 respectively.
    *flick treatment-ed hair that smells goooooood~*

    Sigh, is it me, or is my photoshop skills levelling up?

    OMG. I am such a snub.

    I need to get new blusher, cost the one i am using is already like 7 years old and it's not even half way used. You know what i mean.. I mean i am quite a natural beauty i don't really use my makeup. It sucks right, coming in to see other people self-admire.

    I went to buy the Korean Instand noodle Xiaxue wrote about and then now i am going to get a rice cooker to cook it tonight. Woohoo~

    Did i tell you i finally got a bed already~
    I am so blessed!!!


    Oh oh oh, you cannot believe what i got from Punggol Plaza. I'd take a quick snap and show you someday okay. Those shorts are sooooo cute. $2 each.

    Does anybody think i should start a blog to tell people where i get my steals and how to appreciate the beauty in cheap things?

    Love Love Love..

I have a motive

    I look like Ji Goh Pek here =D

    But please scroll on cox i got very nice and chio pictures to show off okay ^.^

    Grace.. won't look so pretty without my photoshop skill.

    JUST KIDDING!!! Nothing much to do with her really.. I guess that's one thing about being young =((

    Grace is quite flawless.. EXCEPT the fact that she has REALLY MESSY hair like almost all the time. And i remember she use to like to carry a comb with her.. Like what Ah Lians do. LOL!!! I guess that was a wise move.

    And the truth is.. I won't look so pretty without photoshop. SO?!?! HUH?!?! You got a problem?! *defensive*

    Random cute shot of Grace ^.^

    Our legsss.

    You won't believe this pair of shoes cost me $2.80, would you?
    HAHAHA! I know!!! BEST STEAL RIGHT?!?!
    I swear i had to fight off some FMaids and aunties to get to this..

    This is super funny.. When i was snapping the picture..
    Grace: 我沒有看哩
    Me: 我也是
    It was funny to me cox i really not looking but just not in the way she's not looking.
    Okay whatever.

    Cute hair band from Daiso =D

    I told Grace we should take a act-act shot. LOL.. Failed.

    Take two =D

    Terrorists 8D

    My BOOMZ friend and i (L)

    You ready for the extremely chio picture? =D

    Ready then scroll hor..

    Okay now?!



    STAR WARS in the garden, 美少女版 =D

    OH!!!!! THE MOTIVE IS!!!

    Anyone wanna buy my camera?
    3 years old.

    Takes BEAUTIFUL pictures as you can already see.. But that is if you are already quite beautiful.. If not go get photoshop first.

    Neeways my cam is working good and well.. Focusing, great. Close up, great. Portrait shots, WONDERFUL like *ahem* Mine? Everything clear and sharp.. Colour also quite neautral but i twitched it to slightly fairer skin tone. I know, if it's so good, why do i want to sell it? It's just.. I really want a pink one.. If you're keen to buy this cam Email me at



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