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The Results Are In...

    I was seriously surprised with the amount of entries I got- so many of you did the limit of 5!! I absolutely loved seeing everyone's interpretations of the designs from this site, and plan on updating this post with some of the entries when I'm not in a rush like I am today... :-/ (check back tomorrow probably!!)

    Ok, on to the winners, which were picked by a random number generator from all the submissions!

    Prize #1 goes to: Krista, this was the design that she submitted:

    Prize #2 goes to Susan Holak, this is the design that she submitted:

    Prize #3 goes to Bonnie Yang, this is her submission:

    So, a big fat thank you to all of you that entered the contest- your designs were charming, fun, and well-executed!! I'm so glad to have such awesome readers!!!

    And to those that entered, but didn't win, not to worry- I'll come up with another giveaway soon! :)


    All the entries- alphabetically (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

It's in My Jeans...

    Day 109

    Ok, so in theory, these nails are fun and cool and shit, in practice, and let me tell you I PRACTICED, they didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. The process was to paint the nail the dark blue and when it was almost dry, press a piece of jean material onto the paint to leave an indentation that I would later paint with a lighter blue... like jeans? Not so much. lol every time I pressed the jean into the paint, it smeared, and I'd have to repaint the nail and start the process over. ARGH! :-P Anyway, I wasn't about to give up... and finally managed to get all 10 nails done, and mind you, they're not perfect, but I tried...thats what counts, right?!

    I used Charlotte Russe nail polish in Rocker as a base, with the jeans pressed into it, and Essie Sag Harbor brushed with dry brush against the grooves from the jean. For the copper rivets, I used Urban Vibe nail polish in Charged from Wet Seal, for the seams, I used China Glaze Liquid Leather, and Diamond Cosmetics #319 Lemon Yellow Zest
    for the stitching. For the Levi's tag, I used China Glaze Salsa with China Glaze White on White for the lettering.

    Hope you like? :-P

Pictures from Blogshop shoot















    Day 108

    Something tells me I need to lay off the NCIS marathons... and CSI... and Criminal Minds... and... well you get the idea. I'm a crime show junkie. Today's nails are my simplest yet I think, but they're definitely one of my favorites. :-P

    I used Sally Hansen All the White Stuff as a base, with a mix of Zoya Dakota, Zoya Angelina, and China Glaze Salsa to get a blood color.

    All I did to get this look is dab my fingertip in the red paints, blot on paper til I saw clear prints, then press my fingertip on the white nail. :-P Easy crime scene. :-D

Visit to Central Fire Station

    A week ago i had a visit to the Central fire station with MoleMole from 24Seven


    Along with a few other bloggers.
    Clara is really cute =D
    Erm in case you can't see, the blur-gugu face wearing black is me.

    Together on the Red Rhino.
    3rd Firefighter from the left look very sat hor? Haha.
    Best recruitment role model. You see the fire in his eyes?!

    Me on the Red Rhino, i know you can't see exactly where i am but you gotta trust me.
    Very oddly, the lower half of MoleMole's face at the back, LOOKS A LOT A LOT like Silver.
    I mean you check out the dimple yourself. Hor hor hor?!

    This is the first thing i snap once i am inside the station.
    COOL RIGHT?! I have always wanted to try sliding down! You know i am a peice of timid dung when it comes to things like that. Like when i was training as a flight attendant, we had to slide down this super long slide, it's just sliding, but i almost killed myself. BUT THIS POLE!!! I wanted to try so much. But due to safety reasons, only the trained firefighter can demo =(((

    A mini tour on the civil defence ambulance.

    This lady here looks like any other lady UNTIL..

    The buzzer went off and there was a REAL emergency call *gasps* She totally switch personalities okay. Before she was this totally fun and interactive lady telling us about the apparatus and purpose of certain items etc.

    *buzzer goes off*

    She's just very serious and does things quick like zoom zoom quick. Like her face and actions just shows it all "I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING AND I AM NOT JOKING, I GOTTA GO HELP SOMEBODY NOW". Serious! She's my heroine in this trip =DDD

    Some pictures of another ambulance going off to the call.

    Buzzer goes off.

    Go now..



    Gone. Less than one minute. Gone.

    Okay now you wanna know who's my hero *blush* No lah not the uncle just ran off with the ambulance, that uncle is Singapore's hero. Okay, in directly, my hero too. But MY hero is..

    Here! That's he's head. I know there're many heads =D


    So then we were brought around to have a better understanding of the equipment and the vehicles used in firefighting.



    Tourist kids can't stop having fun. I bet your kids at home be it your neice of nephew will love to visit the station on Saturdays at 9.30 - 11am!

    Little boy here aspire to be somebody's hero someday =D

    I am super kaypo, keep trying to find out how much weight the firefighters have to manage in a mission. And at the same time, find out if i am fit enough to be one. Lol..

    Little boy also very ambitious. Haha.

    Okay what do you think? Do you think i am cut out to be a firefighter?
    Eh this one is super heavy can! But i don't look like i have trouble holding it right! =D

    Their war suits.

    Thou they might not be knights in shiny armour but sure they are as equally brave as any heroes.
    But for sure again, they are not in shiny armour, i mean, their protective suit gets really black and charred after a rescue you know.

    Don't believe see for yourself what the public caught on video, happen to be squad from the Central Fire Station.
    Click to view videos.
    Fire at Moonstone lane shophouse

    Fire at Jalan Rajah apartment block
    Click to view videos.

    Side note, i CANNOT stand it when the maid trapped inside the Jalan Rajah flat started screaming for help. Not all people can stay calm when you know that you are the only lifeline to somebody else, and it is only a matter of minutes or even seconds, before the lifeline disconnects.

    But he is.. He is a firefighter.
    Andy was kind enough to bring us around even having just fought a fire hours before.
    Wooo.. That's literally hot.

    Okay, this is MY kind of hero =)))))
    Haha. Shut up and read on.

    I only took the first picture out of this three of Andy okay. So don't accuse me.
    Ask MoleMole =X

    Ahem. Moving on. I had a chance to play with this power spray!!! SUPER FUN OKAY!!!

    Abit scared at first..

    Ohr.. Like that huh..

    Woh woh!!

    WAH! Lol..

    "Eh come try!!! Super funnnnnnnn~!!!"

    Lol. I was REALLY thrilled. Haha.. Don't know why. Super love water rush.

    Then there's the pole-sliding demo.
    I checked for the 4th time, I CANNOT TRY =((

    A picture with the fully geared-up firefighter.

    He looks heavy already, imagine having to dash through fire and obstacles in this outfit.
    IMPOSSIBLE for me.

    I'd be like,

    In-Charge: QiuQiu, RUN THROUGH and get the victim out!

    QiuQiu: HUH?! Me?! No lah, cannot, i just treatment my hair yesterday. $70 leh. Smells like raspberry still. Not ready to char-grill it, sir. Sorry.

    In-Charge: It's life and death matter here! This is an order!

    QiuQiu: Okay, if i told you i paid $90 for my acrylic nails leh? Would you consider asking somebody else?

    In-Charge: YOU ARE FIRED!!!

    Lol.. You know what, i give up even thinking there might be a slight chance i can be a firefighter and be somebody's heroine someday. I'd just blog and urge people with courage and big hearts to want to help and save people, to join the firefighting team in Singapore.

    Hmm.. Firefighter sounds so much better to me than Fireman. Fireman sounds like Postman, the Meepok man, the fishball noodle uncle.


    Cannot join but can try their gear =D

    MY hero and his firefighting buddy.

    Okay please visit the fire station one of these Saturdays. For more info, visit webpage here!
    And for my sky-high experience, visit www.molemole.sg for pictures!


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