Make ALL the resolutions like it's free =D

    Yeah you know it. One nice picture to start a meaningless post. Or not.
    Yes i also know that my double eyelid stickers are obvious when i look down. I forgot to put double eyelid stickers that day and only remembered when i already applied eyeshadow etc. Lol. But heck.
    So we're here today.. To make ALL the resolutions.

    I think, suck at remembering things. And i also suck at doing things that i actually can remember.

    So here i am, trying to make a list of things that i have been constantly reminded by myself, to do, that i conveniently forget or decide to procrastinate about.

    The name is Resolutions2012. But it's more like a to-do list.

    1. Start a blogshop or at least have a channel to sell my brand new clothes at low prices. Would you like this? =)

    2. Send my dad to Taiwan next year end. I could do it 2011 but he couldn't get away cox of Baby Yurou. So next year when Baby Yurou is bigger, i hope he can go enjoy Taiwan!

    3. Go fix my face.

    4. Ask some dental clinic to fix my teeth with invisalign.

    5. Be more hardworking and earn more money so that maybe year end, not only i can afford to send my dad and mum to Taiwan, i can also join them =D

    6. Stop reading boring blogs just cause i wanna understand why people read their blogs.

    7. I would love to say pick up something like a new skill or new sports or new hobby etc. But really, i don't want to, becox the more you know, the more you do. And i am lazy as shit. LOL. Okay lah, i like to learn interesting stuff thou! How about i say i'd like to pick up....... Hmm omg this is hard.. Pick up...... No really, i can't think of anything i want to learn that won't need me to sleep less, sweat, go under the sun. So..

    8. Be a bit more patient with rude people before i start to be un-nice.
    Okay so that's all! I hope you will all enjoy the new year and face it with super positive thoughts!
    Last picture before i leave you for KL for one day. I LOVE KL since the last we met.

    The only thing about the last time was it was a happy event (napbas) and there were a lot of happy moments and all BUT my bf was not there.

    So i very loserish, i wake up the second day and i got all dressed up and i was sitting at the couch while waiting for Sophie and i starting sobbing. LLOLOLOL.

    Omfg. I'm a loser. And cao Sophie as usual is so chill and cool and so unloving she's like "My god are you crying? What the heck? It's only two days lah" Lolol.

    Simisai. This time i'm heading up KL with bf! 2D1N only =( Short hor? Cox it was really impromptu and the person helping us with the doggy can only do 1 day so that's why.

    Okay yada yada yada.

    Want me to start blogshop ma? I'd be a attention whore. 10 comments to say yes and i'd start one.

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