QWeekly - Time to REALLY get back to business!

    Hello! It's almost like my last weekend to laze around and do nothing. Lol.
    Tomorrow onwards Budget Barbie filming resumes and then the day after we'd be filming outdoor again!!!!! YOHOOOOOO!!!! I freaking love outdoor filming!!! =DDD Can't wait. Mean time, here's one special ep with Sharon from the USA! Check out the super great deals she bought! TWO SETS OF itemsssss for TWO lucky winners!


    And this is a special shoes ep if you haven't catch it!
    - - - - - - -

    February is a really short month and too soon, it'd be March! And i can't wait for March to happen! Like ALL the big, happening things happens in March. Lol.

    Feb is only exciting cox of VDay. Meh. I ask bf what he wants and he say nothing. I guess this means i get nothing too =O Jian. Lolol.

    Went to catch the movie "We Not Naughty" with my family few days back and we LOVE it!!!!!!

    You MUST NOT miss this one okay!!! Really can laugh die you + cry die you one. Or maybe i got very low emotional trash hold? Lolol. But no leh, in front, beside, behind, all got people cry and laugh along with me. I guess i'm normal then.
    No camwhoring picture this time becox i think by scrolling down a bit more you'd have enough of me already. Lol.

    And i hope to take this chance to share with you that if you are like me.. Always feeling uneasy and nauseous and might even get a headache after you get into cars with that specific smell..

    Some people call it the New Car Smell, i call it the toxic chemical smell..

    If you find those smell making you sick.. Then that smell is probably toxic to your brain/ body.

    On times when i'm super unlucky and i happen to hop into cars with toxic smell, my throat will somehow have A LOT of mucus/ phlegm thingy and i have to keep swallowing it. It's like my body is working for me to disintegrate that toxic. So i should probably cough/ spit/ blow the mucus out but since i'm in the cab, i downed it. I'M GONNA DIE.

    I highly suspect these are the little things that could lead to be one of the largest cause of cancer.

    Look at all these articles. One. Two. Three.

    Out of MANY that shows that.. THAT SMELL IS, IN FACT, TOXIC. And bad for the body. And it'd cause drowsiness, sore throat, giddiness, headache, nausea etc.

    Got this picture here. Look at all the chemicals you're sniffing in by sitting in an average new car.

    LOOK WHO IS ACTUALLY BEING SMART FOR BEING CALLED A DRAMA QUEEN FOR YEARS ABOUT THIS!!!! My bf keep saying i drama queen when i say my throat feels tight, when i get into cabs with that smell. And when i ask to wind down like 2 inch of my side of the window, to place my nose near there to breath fresh air, he thinks i'm being weird.

    I read through many articles about that smell from cars. And now i'm determined. That i'd never sit in cars with these kinda smell.

    Well unless i REALLY bo bian =/

    Like, if i called for that cab/ I'm with someone else so i can't be so anal/ I'm REALLY in a rush.

    So far if i'm alone and that taxi has that smell, i'd ask for my window to be wind down =D

    So i strongly suggest you do the same!!! And some articles say that it takes about 2-3 years for a new car with that smell to drop to a safe level. And even after that, if the car is exposed to too much heat, that smell and all the toxic components in it will still be volatile.

    SIGH. It's a dangerous world out there. Lololol.
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