New hair colour for a new lunar year!

    Hello! Went to do hair yesterday! And i like it a lot mainly becox it's the only thing that's different from brown-brown, something that i've been doing for the longest time, after i did green hair like about 10 months ago. Lol. Well before i went green, i was also having brown hair for many many years!!!!

    But since i told my hair stylist at Hair Cuttour that i won't be rebonding my hair anymore, except to touch up the curly roots every 6 months or so, she said okay then, if i promise to apply serum diligently, she'd help me do highlight. And i was like YES I WILL!!!! i-lied.jpeg

    HAHA. Bluff one lah! I will try my best to remember to buah serum on it!

    I'd show you my camwhoring pictures at the salon another time cox i cannot wait to camwhore with the new hair colour lol.

    My hair is done at Hair Cuttour (Kovan) Tel: 6284 4866
    But they are closed for CNY liao!!! Keep their number first ba!

    HOW?!?! It's still pretty much brown but with streaks of really light brown.
    My top is actually filled with mini mini hearts!!! Thou it looks more like normal polka dots.
    Can see the remote trigger. Lolol.
    "Look there's an invisible thing that my elbow is leaning on" Lolol.
    Some specs i got at Bugis for $3 (last one!).
    AH THIS IS HOW EXACTLY THE COLOUR IS!!! This is how it looks like in real life =DDD
    If i sweep the outer layer of brown hair to one side, the inside is like this. But slightly darker irl.
    Putting this picture only cox i thought i look like Song Hye Gyo here O.O Lolol.
    The eyebrow concealer i'm using in these pictures is from Sasa online. Like SGD7 only PLEASE. But the coverage is not as good as the one i bought from KL. But still passable.
    That's all!!!!

    I hope that if you're running a business, your business will grow, prosperous and earn like SUPER DUPER LOTSA MONEY!!!!

    If you're schooling i wish you earn lotsa ang bao money, get good grades and don't get pimples.

    If you're dating i hope that you both will not be foreveralone ever again.

    If you are nice, i wish you will be surrounded by equally nice people.

    And i wish all of you good health. Super good health!!!!!

    That's the one main thing i wish for myself as well. Good health =)

    Alright i leave you here!

    Win ALL the money if you buah giow!!!

    Visit ALL the relatives!!!! Collect ALL the ang baos!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eat ALL the CNY goodies!!!!!!!!

    Gain ALL the weight!!!! Trollololol.

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